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The Man Whose Wife Was The Moon by Mike Russell


The year is 1969. Astronomer Arthur Hart has two loves: his wife and the moon… that is until his two loves appear to become one. Mike Russell’s The Man Whose Wife Was The Moon is a magical novella. Filled with extraordinary imagery, humorous and heartrending, Mike Russell’s latest book is a passionate invitation to rediscover the moon in all its mystery and wonder.

My Review

This book was such an entertaining read. With this author, I always expect out there stories and characters and this book did not disappoint! I loved being able to read a longer story by this author as I have read mostly short story books by the author.

This story was truly amazing. The author brings a new approach to a somewhat normal object, or a subject in the eye of the main character. This story is so unique and there is always a deeper meaning to the stories. This one explores feminine and masculine principles and how people can have more feminine principles or more masculine ones. The main character sees the moon as the embodiment of femininity and has fallen in love with discovering her.

Arthur was brought to life in this story, he was an innocent and I feel misunderstood character. He wants to spread around his love for his wife and the moon but people around him don’t seem to listen or understand. I really enjoyed his story and how he sees the world.

I find books written by Mike Russell always leaves me wanting to read more. Reading about strange beings and experiences is so refreshing and is always entertaining. There is always something to think about at the end of these books.

Thank you to Mike Russell and Strange Books for sending me a copy of this book. Check it out on amazon and goodreads.

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