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Strange Wonders by Mike Russell


Roll up! Roll up! Mike Russell presents Strange Wonders. Strangely wonderful, wonderfully strange stories of life, death and the mystery of existence. Strange Wonders is Mike Russell’s fourth short story collection. Prepare to be amazed. Roll up! Roll up!

My Review

Another amazing collection of short stories. This one consists of 12 short stories, all of which are wonderful to read about. I enjoy how the author explores so many different magical possibilities. It really makes you question the purpose of life, what happens when you die, etc.

My favourite short stories were Killer Coffins, Linda’s Light Bulb Emporium, Roots and Slave and Master. I enjoyed the characters in this stories and I loved the concept of them. However, they are all so much fun to read and enjoy. I love the idea of short stories where we get snippets into characters lives. They are great to read individually when you don’t have much time to dedicate to a whole book or read them all in one sitting.

I find it amazing how the author describes so much about the character, their surroundings and the situation as well as the story itself in such a small number of words. I never found myself confused of unknowing of characters or of the situation.

As always, I find the authors style of writing so easy to read and understand. I got through these short stories very quickly and I enjoyed them a lot. The stories all have a deeper meaning to them and it is nice to be able to reflect on that after each one.

I really enjoyed these stories, thank you to Strange Books for sending me a copy of this book. Check it out on amazon and goodreads! I highly recommend all of Mike Russell’s books.

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