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Magic by Mike Russell

Charlie Watson believes in magic. He is writing in this book to document everything he knew about magic and he wants to share it with everyone. In this book the readers gets to go on this journey with Charlie as he becomes a famous magician. Charlie is a child-like adult, he very kind and empathetic towards everyone. He was raised by Manzini The Marvellous, a magician, who sadly passed away before the book begins. The book intends to tell us why Charlie wears top hats, why he has so many rabbits, how magic wands are made and many more magical questions. When Charlie makes a spontaneous trip from England to the Arctic to perform a magic trick, was it a trick or was it magic?

I loved how this book was written like Charlie’s diary entry. We only get to read about what he tells us about in the book. Charlie is a lovely character with a quirky personality. In his book he gives a voice to inanimate object, like his rabbits. It was funny to read what he thought they were saying. Charlie gives an amazing description of how magic created the universe which was such a unique way of thinking.

Books with the theme of magic seem to a sci-fi kind of magic, if that makes sense. This book describes old fashioned magic, like pulling rabbits out of top hats or changing the colour of a cloth. I cannot recall ever reading a book which talks about magic in this way. I found the book to be amazingly written through the voice of a simple person. His child-like personality means he does not see the world how everyone else does, I enjoyed listening to how he thought the world works.

Throughout the book, the objective of Charlie’s writing was changing due to events which happened. There were many twists in the book but it ended in such a heartwarming way. Despite the twists and turns, Charlie discovers that everything is magic, life is magic. It is as simple as that.

Thank you to Strange Books for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review. Check out the book on goodreads and go get your copy from amazon!

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