Book Endings (Call Numbers #2) by Syntell Smith

The book follows the main protagonist, Robin Walters and his life story. It is set in the United States in 1994, where we can still see discrimination to minority ethnic groups. Most of the characters in the book are from minority ethnic groups and we can hear about their struggles when trying to fit into the American society. It was such an eye opener to read about how people struggled with discrimination not so long ago, although some people can still struggle in today’s society with this same problem. This book taught me that some people are still brought up to discriminate against people from different ethnic groups, and although the United States and the UK are different countries, the same prejudice can be seen.

Robin experiences heartbreak as his Grandfather, his primary career falls ill. He has a lot to deal with now he is on his own. He realises who he can trust in his friendships and in his job. As life starts to get too much for him, he meets Shinju, a beautiful Asian lady who he falls for immediately. Things start to become complicated and secrets get out which causes disruption to the library branch.

All the characters in this book are so loveable, I enjoyed reading about their different stories. The book talks in the characters of those who work or volunteer in the library. Some are graduating high school and some are near retirement. There is a great mixture of people in this book with incredible personalities. I could tell how much these experiences made them grow as people.

The storyline was so intriguing and interesting. There was humour, heartbreak and every emotion in between. The chapters are split into smaller sections where it indicates where we hear from a different character or when time passes. This made the book so easy to read, I enjoy books where we can hear from many characters point of view because it makes it exciting and it cal leave cliffhangers for some characters.

This book is the second in a series, I was a bit worried I would not understand as characters would have already been explained. Due to a misread on my behalf, I started to read the second book before the first as I knew this one was due to come out and I downloaded the second book first. I looked up the first book prior to reading this one, but the book starts off with an introduction to the characters, introduction to library terminology and run down of what happened in the previous book. I appreciated this part so much as I could jump straight into the book. I was so excited to read this book, I enjoyed every minute of reading it. 5/5 stars, thank you for sending me this book Syntell, I will read book one as soon as I can.

11 thoughts on “Book Endings (Call Numbers #2) by Syntell Smith

  1. A brilliant review! 👏

    This sounds like a great book, I’m definitively intrigued by it. It’s an easy mistake to make – picking up the 2nf or 3rd book in series before the 1st. But I love that this one explains the characters again so it can work as a standalone as well. Not many books series I’ve read have done that. Another one to add to my never-ending TBR I think!

    – Lucy Rambles x

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    1. Thank you! I misread the email and downloaded the second one without realising I’d been sent the first one. But it was so easy to read, there was also a few pages explaining what happened in the last book. I wish more books would do this because having to wait for new books to be released makes me forget what happened before 😂

      Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did



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